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Rigel Dropshipping

Groundbreaking Business Ideas

Welcome, to Rigel Dropshipping Service where we are giving you an opportunity to earn online by selling our products on your Marketplaces.

We will register your GST and create your e-commerce Seller id and will do Marketing Too. And if you Already have an active selling account, Then what are you waiting for just start uploading our Products.


Our Story

Why we are offering you our Products?

We do all of that to sell the products of our company Partners, So we are giving you an opportunity to upload our products, because whenever you receive an order, our product will be sold and you will have your margin as you will pay us the wholesale price and the customer who buys the product will pay you the Retail price which you will set.

And you Don't even need to buy products in bulk from us, Pay the wholesale price whenever the customer orders a product from your account. And the main thing is that we Promise you a minimum of ₹15,000 Profit in the first Month.

Contact us today to start your FREE DEMO.

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Large Category

16+ Category

Pay at Order

Pay When Customer Orders

Large Listing

More Than 12,000 Listing

1000+ Clients

More Than 1000 Active Clients

Wide Products Range

More Than 1700 Products

Competitive Pricing

Pay Wholesale Price

Same Day Dispatch

Order Dispatch On Same Day

Marvelous Products

Outstanding Quality


Our Fulfillment Partners

Successful Collaborations

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We’re Here to Help


Which kind of business is this?

This is a cross-state E-commerce fulfillment business.

What do we have to do?

If you completely understand our Business model and want to start business with us, then we will send you a form in which you will find the Agreement and have to enter your details and attach the required documents.

What if this is a fraud?

WE are a legit business because we have our company registered legally and all the things will be given in you in a written agreement.

How much profit per month?

We will give you all least 15000/- as your profit in the first month and it will increase as the account gets older and product category increases.

What will be our work to do?

You have to invest your 4 to 5 hours in work every week and have to do slightly improvements in your account, our team will guide you how to do that.

If we have to give 5 hours to this work what will you do?

We will do 80% of the work you have to do the rest 20%, we will guide you how to do that.

What are the products?

We have over 16 categories, and over 1700 products. Our main Products are in clothing, accessories, PCs and Parts, and Mobile Accessories.

What is the price of the Products?

Our Products Prices varies with market prices. And the range of our Products starts from ₹60 per Product and extends to 4.5 lacs Per Product.

What are the charges?

Please visit our plans tab for charges. Our charges includes Registration of GST , making the seller id, and the Marketing of the products, and the overall Labor and the packaging cost of the products.

Is there a Free Demo available to start dropshipping?

YES, you can start dropshipping with us with Free Demo. Please Refer to Plans/Free Demo.

How much time will paper work take?

Paper work will take 15 to 20 days. In the meantime GST will be registered and the seller ids will be created with listing of the products.

What will be our margin?

You will get margin between 50 to 900  per product depending on the product. We will send you a margin sheet of the we have listed on your seller id.